The reflective event with Eva Jordan.

Hi everyone, this is it, my first ever Blog!

Today I had the pleasure of doing a 'conversation with' event with the wonderful Eva Jordan. The talk, at Peterborough Library, was centred around us asking one another about our roads to publication, where we shared the highs and lows, and offered tips to audience members who were looking to find an agent/publisher. In our audience was around 15 people, so the setting was intimate and our discussion quickly became a conversation between all of us. It was a real treat.

Whenever I do events, a question that is always asked is 'how did you start writing.' And whenever its asked, I am blow away by the sheer determination and self believe I see from the other authors around me, and Eva is no exception, Her journey has had a lot of ups and downs, and I was honoured to be able to listen to her wisdom and passion for telling stories.

Today was also a real moment for personal reflection, several years ago, when becoming author was still a dream that I couldn't ever see achieving, and hadn't yet told anyone, I was at an event in the same space where I was speaking today. (see my cheesy twitter picture where I'm pointing to the chair I sat in that day!) I was in the audience listening to an author called Rachel Joyce, who wrote one of my all time favourite books, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. After a reading and discussion with her publisher, I raised my hand and asked the same question that came up today, how did you start. She asked if I wanted to be an author, I said I did, expecting her to roll her eyes or tell me it was impossible, but she told me to do it. It wasn't something said mockingly, it felt like she really believed I could write a book.

When I asked for a signed copy of her book, she wrote something on the inside sleeve I have said to people ever since.

'Make a friend of Doubt.'

Boy, did it take it to heart.

For me, today was more than an author event, more than spending time with a fantatic audience and a wonderful friend and Author, Eva. It was reflecting on the past, looking forward to the journey I am still taking, and giving myself the space to understand how brilliant it has been.

Thank you to Peterborough Library, to Eva, and if you ever see this, thank you Rachel Joyce.

D x


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